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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peach Danish (to can)

I got this recipe from a friend & I had some minor issues when I first made it but I think I figured it all out now & it turned out okay. It is delicious by itself or you can make a thickened fruit salad with it by adding pinapples, grapes & any other fruit you desire.

4 packs orange kool aid
7 quarts of water
5 C sugar
Mix in large saucepan & heat to boil. Boil until kool aid & sugar is dissolved. Thicken with 3 1/4 C Thermflo or Clear Jel (cook type) (Do NOT use instant clear jel!!) and 4 C water.
Stir in with kool aid mixture.
Then add 2 C orange, peach or apricot jello (I used 1/2 orange & 1/2 peach)
Mix 10 quarts of sliced or diced peaches with 1/3 C lemon juice then add to above mixture.
Put in canning jars & seal with lid & ring. Put in canner before water boils & then bring to boiling & boil 1 minute. Turn burner off & let set in canner for 15 minutes & then remove jars.

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